About Us

publicnotice.ng is a copyright property of Media SuperMart. MSM LIMITED is a media independent established in 1997 by Lawson, Thomas and Colleagues Limited. MSM being a pioneer media agency, has been recently re-positioned to provide innovative media solutions to clients.

In 2016, MSM established an electronic gateway for authorities to publish their notices online. This is a publishing site that provides a portal beyond announcement. It is also designed to allow procurement professionals/individuals to create, publish, manage and showcase their procurement notices (Tender) to a wider audience beyond the usual traditional mode of advertising classified information.

Publicnotice.ng is a youthful online platform established to serve the general public information that will aide development and economic growth

FACTS – Publicnotice.ng is positioned to be the No.1 online publisher of Public Announcements in Nigeria.
Publicnotice.ng is an online classified Ads platform designed to publish important public Announcements/Notices, Government bids, Anniversaries, Events, Change of Name, Tenders and Birthdays.
These public announcements are published in Real Time as well as 24/7 on publicnotice.ng
Publicnotice.ng is patronized by Individuals, Corporate Bodies, Government Parastatals, Multi-national organizations, small and medium scale businesses etc.…

Finally, publicnotice.ng is a ONE-STOP platform for congratulatory, Anniversary, Birthdays, Events, Inspiration, Entertainment, Entrepreneurship, Empowerment,  Sports, Education, News, Business, Tenders and Wedding Public Notices…