The VC of NOUN was honored and inducted into the Nigerian Academy of Letters together with other distinguished academics, at the University of Lagos yesterday.

The National Academy of Letters is the highest level of honour for academics in arts and the humanities.

To be inducted as a member, you must have been a professor for seven years and above in any discipline in the humanities and arts. You have the right to add to name “MNAL”.

Only Four Fellows are elected per year, representing History, Philosophy, Religion and Communication Arts/other areas. Being a member or a fellow is highly competitive. It is a creme de la creme of the finest in the arts and humanities disciplines.

Last year, Prof. Rasheed, the ES of NUC, became one of the four Fellows. Prof. Tijani, the director of NOUN’s NURTW Special study centre, and Prof. Andrew Haruna, VC of Federal University, Gashua, Yobe state, became Members.

It was Prof Adamu’s second induction as he was similarly inducted into the Nigeria Academy of Education (NAE) some years ago.


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