Need a Job Urgently? Hire Yourself (Part 2)


A transitional economy as ours is bound to send a signal of hopelessness and despair to a job seeker and his family and network of friends. This is understandable. However, my hypothesis is this: even when you don’t know what to do, being confused or disoriented quadruples the challenge and makes a mole hill seem like a mountain. Based on my experience, observation and intellectual voyage, I feel strongly that there are things you can do to help yourself get a job. These things fall within your Circle of Influence. In this two-part article, I present some of those thoughts. Please share amongst friends, with your kids and circle of job seekers that you know. Ask them if they are seeking a job. If they answer, ‘Yes’, then tell them to Hire themselves.

In Part One of this article, I said the way to go was to hire yourself into ‘You Incorporated.’ “What is the business of You Inc? Its mission is to undertake a project called BE – DO – HAVE. This is a project that ends with you arriving at your desired job, or, at least,a job away from your desired job. I agree with Zig Ziglarthat, “You’ve got to be before you can do, and do before you can have.” Be – Do – Have is a project that helps you answer and activate two/three questions that would lead to you ‘Having a desired goal’. To Have the career/job you desire, ask yourself “What must I Become?” and “What must I Do?”Before we begin to delayer Be – Do, let us take a look at ‘Have’. Before you ask yourself what you must become and what you must do, you need to define what you want to have. For if we do not define the end from the beginning, we might just find that we made good speed to a wrong destination. Ouch!  That would be so painful. There is a reason we have different categories and brands of cars for different types of road – so that you can, upon determining your destination, move next to choose a suitable car. You may have inherent love for a Ferrari sports car but if you have to head through a rocky pot-hole ridden road, wisdom compels that you select a different type of car. Hence the first task on the project Be – Do – Have, being undertaken by you in You Incorporated, is to define what career and/or job that you seek.

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