Catholic Church fights Kabila of DRC

The Catholic Church in the Democratic Republic of Congo is mobilising the to force President Joseph Kabila to organize elections and relinquish power.

The Church is also upping the ante against Kabila for continuing to stay put despite the expiry in December 2016 of his second term, The huge rally is also to remember those killed in last month’s protest.

President Joseph Kabila: Catholic Church vows to go on with protest

According to the new constitution adopted in 2006, Kabila’s presidency was supposed to expire on December 20, 2016, ten years after he was elected for his first five-year term in office and the electoral authority in DRC had announced in September 2016 that elections would not be held until early 2018.

Meanwhile, Another victory it is claiming is the moral authority it commands from its congregations, a trait admired by the rest of the world.

Bishop Ambongo replaces the retired Cardinal Laurent Monsengwo as head of the Catholic church in Kinshasa